We are SFL Wealth Management.

Outside of Quebec and New Brunswick, we’re known as the Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network.

We’re a partner of Desjardins, the leading cooperative financial group in Canada. We distribute financial products and services for optimal wealth management from coast to coast. Our goal is simple—to offer you a comprehensive, personalized plan that will enable you to reach your financial goals.

Get the stability and reliability Desjardins is known for, the advice and support of a talented multi-disciplinary team, and the freedom to choose from an extended range of products on the market.

It’s true, the advisors operating under our banner are independent. They have access to the full slate of Desjardins Insurance products and can draw from a broad range of products offered by other major Canadian insurers and mutual fund companies.

Whether you’re dreaming of buying your first home or renovating the cottage...

Whether you’re planning to start a business or expand your company...

Whether you’re expecting your first child or grandchild...

Or planning your retirement

Your SFL advisor will do more than run a few numbers with you. They’ll make sure you meet your goals and are prepared for the unexpected.

Backed by our financial planning team, your advisor will provide you with a comprehensive plan.

Because you deserve the very best.

You need a knowledgeable partner who can put your assets to work for you.

You need a partner who can help you reach your potential.

You need an advisor affiliated with SFL Wealth Management.

As a partnered advisor, you’ll be part of a network focused on a single mission: to take you and your clients further. From start-up support to business development and financing, you can count on our support at every step. If you’re looking to grow your business by acquisition, or to sell your book of business, we can help with that, too.

You will have the freedom to build your own book of business and to offer your clients unbiased advice. You get access to a broad and curated shelf of investment and insurance products offered by all the major players, with over 70 fund companies and 20 insurance providers to choose from. A win-win for you and your clients.

Count on secured, leading-edge digital tools and technologies, as well as highly specialized services and expert technical support when you need it.

Our marketing and graphic design specialists will work with you to optimize your business strategy and make sure you stand out. Leverage their creativity and access a full suite of social media-ready materials and communication tools to make your business shine.

As a partnered advisor, you’ll have access to our flexible online training program with targeted training by specialists who know the business, so you can expand your knowledge and master the exclusive tools available to you.

A financial services firm of professionals specializing in financial planning, taxation and law rounds up your practice. Their expertise will help you handle complex cases with confidence.

Collaborating with people who share your goals and values makes all the difference. When you join our network, you're paired with a financial centre that provides sales training, mentorship opportunities and ongoing support as you build your business. Our financial centres are an important support network to partnered advisors on top of the network services.


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