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This month’s significant number: 65 - DFSIN - SFL

This month’s significant number: 65%

That’s the percentage of people working from home who would like to keep doing so after the pandemic.

May 24, 2021

In a survey done by FlexJobs mainly in the United States and Canada, about two out of three respondents who are currently working from home said that they would like to continue doing so after the pandemic. As a matter of fact, 58% said that they would look for another job if their employer decided to eliminate remote work. Only 2% of people currently working from home said that they would rather to go back to the “traditional” office, while 33% would prefer a hybrid work arrangement.

The most frequent reasons given for preferring remote work were not having to commute (84%) and cost savings (75%). On the other hand – a detail that could be important for business owners – telework is criticized for intruding on home life (35%) and presenting many technical challenges (28%).

You can read the full report here.

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